There’s nothing worse than feeling sad

How did this happen to me?  For me?

Why do I NEED so much?  (It’s been 8 months since I was touched, held.)

Why is being human so hard?

Why do I resist anything real?

Why is the craving for reality so?  Yet my hopelessness washes it away.

I just don’t get it.

I just don’t.

Direct Note

Am I crazy?

Are you talking to me?

Did I miss something?

Did I do something wrong?

..other than the hurtful things I did in the past..

I’m confused.

I thought we were cool, or better, or at least cordial- whatever that means.

I wanted to talk to you, but I felt like you were blocking me out, blocking your energy from me.

Was I supposed to chase you?

Clarity, the new black.